In Memory of Alpha Dawn Kness


Alpha Dawn "Alla" KNESS

Age 52, passed away April 27, 2000 in Federal Way, WA.
Alla graduated from Queen Anne High School in Seattle and the University of Washington.
She is survived by two daughters;
Karina (Dan) Kness-Kuhl of Fort Lewis, WA,
Alena Rose Kness of Portland OR,
five brothers and sisters; Lonnie II, Dana, Carlos, Mona Taylor and Kendall,
three grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.
She was preceded in death by 1 sister; Elizabeth Williams.

Memorial services will be held Wednesday, 11:30 a.m. at
1535 S.W. Dash Point Road, Federal Way, WA.

Contributions may be made to National Attention Deficit Disorder Association


Floral Radiograph of a Rose produced by Albert Richards

A man by the name of Albert Richards spent over forty years
experimenting with an art form called floral radiographs.

"Floral radiographs literally provide one with a third eye with which
to see and appreciate the beauty in the secret garden of flowers.

With a rose, the nearest petal hides from our view all of the other
petals and structures that lie beyond it, that so much of the beauty of the blossom is hidden.

With the penetrating power of the X ray, floral radiographs reveal all the details of the successive layers of petals and other structures. No chemicals are introduced into the flower nor is it harmed by the small exposure to X rays."

The editor of the Smithsonian Magazine wrote: "Albert G. Richards, a teacher of dental radiography, had focused his x-ray machine not on teeth, but on blossoms, thus revealing the startling inner beauty of familiar flowers."

I'm sorry I never had a chance to share this with you Alpha. It reminded me so much of you.

Barbara Anello

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