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Alpha's Public Biography (from her website)

I'd like to share with you a little bit of my personal background:

Alpha (Alla) KnessIn college, I majored in Russian Language & Literature. I wanted to be a translator at the UN -- or a Diplomat, stationed in Moscow. I set those dreams aside when I met a real UN translator who spoke five languages and found out I would need to know the President on a Certain Level to be an ambassador....

After I left college, I became a flight attendant. I'd spent 14 years talking and dreaming of going to exotic places, meeting new people and being in the "wild, blue yonder". One of the highlights of my career was being invited to the cockpit of a 747 not once, but twice for night landings.

The last few years, I have drifted from one accounting position to another. I had no real direction, my dreams had died, or been killed off. I firmly believe things happen for "a reason". I recently moved back to the Seattle area, and was having lunch in a little Russian cafè near Pike Place Market. I struck up a conversation with the fellow sitting next to me. When it was time for me to go back to my job, I gave him my card.

The next thing I knew, he had invited me to a Business Opportunity Meeting for WorldConnect Communications. Being computer savvy, I looked them up on the WWW. The services intrigued me, but: I thought I knew all about Network Marketing, and I was not about to get involved in that, again.

That was the night I met Regional Vice-President Shannon Young, and I saw real Team-Work in action. In addition, the Compensation Plan was Awesome! (We have had several increases since then!) Suddenly, I could dream again! I could help both of my daughters, and their families -- all the while helping others achieve their dreams. Talk about mind-boggling!


Alpha's Biography (from her Brainstorms Introduction)


After many computer crashes, I'm Finally Back!!

I've recently started a part-time business with a communications company based in Tulsa, OK. Can you say Nextel, DishNet, PageNet, Visual Mail 3.0, UniDial, Qwest...?

7/25/99 [Long.....]
I am a grandmother to two [see Baby Pix] and .90 [birth is soon...very soon...] I was married for 23 years.

I was accepted at Reed College in Portland, OR, but didn't attend due to lack of funds. I was courted by Brown [see Reed College....] I attended the University of Washington in Seattle, where I majored
in Russian Language & Literature. I lived in the Russian House for two years, took Intensive Russian my freshman year. I left school when I developed migraines over translations [with interpretations]
from Russian to English. I was once fluent -- am working on regaining that fluency. Because of my involvement with network marketing, I am meeting more and more Russian speaking people.
Recently hooked up with a lady involved with "We the People".

I was a flight attendant for Pan Am, and have been to every continent except Africa and Antarctica. I was based in Tokyo during the Sapporo Olympics, where I saw [in Sapporo] my very first hockey game [go Winterhawks!].

I played soccer [European football] for 11 years - the last two with my oldest daughter on the team. I was also a referee for a couple of years. I am involved in the Middle Eastern Dance community of
Southwest Washington & Portland, OR, although the involvement is more limited since I moved to the Seattle area.

I'm the oldest of 7 [6 are surviving]. In the past couple of years, I have finally understood my fascination with, and the connection between my first and middle names and, wolves. It's Powerful.
[Wa-Hya is Cherokee for "wolf".]

My ancestry includes: Blackfoot, Choctaw on my father's side; Cherokee, Susquehanna [and possibly Powhatan], and Portuguese on my mother's side. Melungeon is probably from both sides. Of
course, there's African, and Irish and whatever Robert E. Lee's [via Richard] people were.

3/28/2000: I finally remembered to indicate that grandchild #3 is a girl!

3/31/2000: I think I neglected to mention that I'm a former LocSec of Oregon/SW Washington Mensa.

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