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Please Support a Strong & Effective ODA

October 1999

ODA Province-Wide
Public Education Blitz

We have kicked off a new province-wide public education blitz as part of our ongoing campaign for a barrier-free Ontario for all persons with disabilities.

We want to reach as many members of the public as possible with the positive message that a strong Ontarians with Disabilities Act would benefit everyone in Ontario.

Please help spread our message. How can you help? We have produced a new 1-page pamphlet and 1-page poster. They can be downloaded from the following links:

For the pamphlet: http://www.odacommittee.net/pamphlet.html  . It is posted in various formats for you to choose from. Some can be printed on 1 page 1 side; others on 1 page both sides.

For the poster: http://www.odacommittee.net/poster.html  . One format is in black and white and the other is in colour.

We encourage you to download them, print them up and circulate copies to as many people as you can.

If you are part of a community organization which supports passage of a strong Ontarians with Disabilities Act, then we encourage your organization to make as many copies of these as possible, and do what you can to get them distributed to the public.

    For example, you could:

  • enclose them with all brochures and other printed handouts that your organization gives out to the public.
  • Hand them out at appropriate meetings and other public events.
  • Post the poster in appropriate public places.
  • Get volunteers to hand them out to the public.
  • Let us know about any other ideas you come up with to help reach as many people as possible with our message.

We all did a great job in the 1999 Ontario election getting a huge number of pamphlets given out right across Ontario. Let's build on that success now, to win as much public support for a barrier-free Ontario as we can. The more people we can reach now, the better. Keep us posted on your efforts in this area.


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