Image of black text with drop shadow that reads: Ontarians With Disabilities Act Committee

North Bay O.D.A. Rally

On October 29th, the newly formed North Bay ODA Committee held an O.D.A. Rally at 11:00 am in front of Premier Harris' North Bay constituency office.   Rally participants included representatives from the Brain Injury Association of Nipissing, the Canadian Hearing Society, the Disabled Adult and Youth (D.A.A.Y.) Centre, the M.S. Society, and the C.N.I.B.   The North Bay Nugget (the daily newspaper) and Mix 100 Radio covered the Rally despite heavy competition for Media attention from the Health Services Restructuring Commission, in town and on the heels of announcement with their recommendations for Nipissing.

The Nugget declined to run a photograph depicting the "STAIRS" leading to the Premier's office citing the Rally's low participant turnout as the excuse.   Hence, their opinion that the O.D.A. Rally was not a newsworthy event.

The "stairs" in front of Premier Harris' North Bay constituency office are a stark reminder of how effective "voluntary" compliance are our Premier's constituency office is not accessible on a day to day basis. Constituents must the office prior to visiting, to request that the temporary ramp be put in place.

Ontarians with Disabilities deserve more than, to cite the recent advertisements on Health Care by our government, "band-aid" solutions.

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