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ODA Committee
Regional Contacts

In Alphabetical Order

    Fletcher Madden,
    60 Shanty Bay Rd.
    Barrie, Ontario L4M 1C8
    Tel: 705-727-1363
    e-mail: fletchm@hotmail.com


    Doug Mather
    41 Vanier Drive
    Brockville, Ontario
    K6V 3J6
    Telephone (613) 342-3062
    E-mail: dmather@recorder.ca


    David Katzman
    30 McNaughton Avenue
    WALLACEBURG, Ontario
    N8A 1R7
    Tel: (519) 627-0777
    Fax: (519) 627-8905
    email: walcomlv@mnsi.net

    Robert R. Shepherd,
    770 Richmond Street
    CHATHAM, Ontario
    Tel: (519) 354-6221
    Fax: (519) 354-5152
    email: famskent@mnsi.net


    Sandy Russill
    21-580 Eyer Drive
    Pickering, ON L1W 3B7
    Tel: 905-839-0122 TTY/FAX

    Jenny Schledermann
    Tel: 905-619-0782
    Email: kirsten.schledermann@sympatico.ca

    Kathryn Bremner
    Email: k.bremner@sympatico.ca


    Janet Wood
    Email: janet.wood@sympatico.ca

    Betty Richard
    City Hall,
    59 Carden St.,
    Guelph, ON N1H 3A1
    Tel: 519 837 5625
    fax: 519 837 5648
    TTY: 519 826 9771


    Geraldine Copps, Alderman
    Hamilton City Hall
    71 Main Street West
    Hamilton, Ontario
    L8N 3T4
    Tel: 905-546-2730
    Fax: 905-546-2535

    Aznive Mallett
    Executive Director
    PATH Employment Services
    225 King William Street, 5th Floor
    Hamilton, Ontario, L8R 1B1
    Tel: 905-528-6611
    Fax: 905-528-2181
    e-mail:  path1@worldchat.com


    Lynn Rizzo
    Kingston ODA Committee Chairperson
    601-670 Sir John A. MacDonald Blvd.,
    Kingston, Ontario, K7L 1A3
    Tel: 613-549-6196

    Email: bill.rizzo@sympatico.ca


    Brad Ullner
    Phone: (voice) 519-885-5381
    Email: aullner5792@rogers.com


    Kaca Henley
    Lindsay, Ontario K9V 4R3
    tel: 705-793-3232
    fax: 705-793-3434
    email: you-nique@sympatico.ca


    A. Kash Husain,
    email: a.husain@ieee.org
    519 - 472 - 7842

    Cathy Vincent-Linderoos
    E-mail:  clinderoos@rogers.com


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Last updated March 4, 2005

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