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ODA Action Tip
December 3, 2000


Today is the United Nation's International Day for Persons with
. This is an especially good day to offer you another
practical action tip for helping advocate for a strong, mandatory
Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Why not contact your nearest Conservative member of the Ontario
Legislature, and ask them to hold a special forum or day this month
for receiving input on the need for a strong ODA? Encourage them
to publicize this event well in advance, and to ensure that it is
held in an accessible location.

We are gradually receiving word from around Ontario that several
Conservative MPPs have been starting to hold small meetings and
gatherings to get input on the ODA and disability issues. Our
province-wide pressure on the ODA issue is paying off, to the
extent that they are finally starting to take small steps in this
direction. However, they appear to be afraid to hold open, public

For example, we received word that Conservative MPP Frank Klees
set aside a day in his constituency office on Friday December 1, 2000
to hear from residents on disability issues. We received word that
he ran an advertisement in a local community newspaper, "The
Liberal", around two days before on December 1, 2000. We set out
below the text of that ad that we have received.

It is unfortunate that he only gave the public two days notice.
would normally not be enough time for many to arrange accesible
transit. However, this step of advertising such an event appears
to be a first for the Harris Government. It is something which we
should be encouraging and building upon.

Let's work to build on these developments and on the momentum we
have achieved. When you contact the constituency office of your
nearest Conservative MPP, let them know that Frank Klees took this
step of holding this day and of publicizing it in advance. Suggest
that if Frank Klees can do this, so can each and every member of
the Conservative caucus! Make constructive suggestions on how they
can publicize it far enough in advance to ensure that people will
be able to learn about it and arrange to attend. Encourage them to
use the format of an open forum rather than small meetings if
possible as the way to get input.

Also, you will note that Mr. Klees states that if people cannot see
him that day, they should make written submissions to him. It is
important to seek to have direct meetings with the MPP or their
staff if at all person, either in person or over the phone. Any
requirement which would limit people to written submissions can be
a barrier for people whose disability prevents them from being able
to make written submissions.

Let us know what reaction you get to your suggestions. If the MPP
is not prepared to take this new step, then at least try to meet
with the MPP or their staff to keep up the pressure on the ODA

Let's take this day, on which persons with disabilities are active
around the world, to decide to act this very week on this action
tip in support of a strong ODA.


(From the Liberal, a local York Region newspaper)

Frank Klees M.P.P. (Oak Ridges), invites all citizens concerned
about issues facing people with disabilities to consult with him on
Friday, December 1, 2000.

Those wishing to make deputations in person are invited to call
Mr. Klees' constituency office at (905) 707-3160 or
(905) 642-5500. Presentations will begin at 9:00 am at 20-minute
intervals and will be available on first-come first
served basis.

Those unable to schedule a personal presentation with Mr. Klees
may send written submissions to his constituency office at:

650 Hwy. 7 East, Suite 210
Richmond Hill ON
L4B 1B2
via fax at (905) 707-3161 or via email at
please send your email comments as an attachment. For more
information, please call the constituency office at (905)
707-3160 or (905) 642-5500




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